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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I obtain a copy of a police report?
Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we require a written request completed. You can pick up a form at the Police Department Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm or call (815) 725-1460 for further information.  The form is available on our website at SPD FOIA.pdf (shorewood.il.us)
How much does a copy of a police report cost?
There is a $5.00 charge for all copies of Accident Reports. A written request from an insurance company with the $5.00 fee is accepted. The fee for incident reports are based on the information requested (generally between $5 and $20).
Are they any snow fall restrictions?
Any motor vehicle parked on any street in the village when the snow has accumulated 2" or more, until that snow has been removed from the street, are subject to a fine.
What are the barking dog laws?
It is unlawful to have any dog which disturbs the peace by loud noises at any time of the day or night.
Can dogs or cats run loose?
It is unlawful for any dog to run at large in the village at any time. Dogs should be securely held on a leash at any public area. There is no stray cat ordinance.
How do I appeal my ACT?
If you wish to appeal an ACT, you have five (5) business days after receiving the ticket. An Administrative Hearing Request Form must to be filled out. You can pick up a form at the Police Department Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, get the form on the website, or call 815-725-1460 to have one faxed to you. Once the hearing form is filled out, it will be forward to the Administrative Hearing Officer who will contact you to set up an appointment.
Is a license required to solicit or sell door to door?
All solicitors within the village must check in first with the Police Department to obtain a license. The fee is $50 for the first person and $35 for all other solicitors. You can visit the Police Department to get the form, get it off the website at Solicitor Form Only or call 815-725-1460 and have one faxed to you.
Do I have to notify anyone if I am having a large party or outdoor event?
An Open Air Event Application should be filled out for any outdoor party, (block party, large family gathering, outdoor music event, etc.). This notifies the Village, Police Department, Fire Department, and the dispatch center of the possible need for additional services. Barricades are available for blocking off the street. You can visit the Police Department to get the form, get it off the website, or call 815-725-1460 and have one faxed to you.
How can I pay for a parking or and ACT?
You can pay your (ACT) in person at the Shorewood Police Department, 903 W Jefferson St., Monday -Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  You can use the drop box located at the main entrance or pay by mail using the envelope provided with your ticket.
What are the parking regulations in residential areas?

The Village of Shorewood prohibits the off-street parking of vehicles larger than 3/4 ton. Additonally, the village prohibits the parking of any vehicle registered for an excess of 26,000 lbs. (class J registration) on any street, highway, public way or parkway. One wishing to park their motor vehicle on any street, highway, public way or parkway when the vehicle is registered in excess of 12,000 lbs. and up to 26,000 lbs. must receive permission to do so from the Vehicle Parking Commission of the Village of Shorewood.

The Village of Shorewood does not regulate the parking of commercial vehicles and vehicles with commercial lettering or logos in residential areas. 

Public Works

How can I get a new sign, such as a stop sign or no parking sign, installed?
New regulatory sign installations must first be reviewed by the Villages Traffic Engineer and approved by him/her and the Village Board. Please complete a service request and a work order will be initiated.
How does the Village handle snow and ice on Village streets?
Streets in the Village are plowed in order of priority. First priority streets are snow emergency routes, emergency services areas, school routes & all main arteries. Second priority is all alternate streets, and third priority are dead ends and cul-de-sacs. Please be patient with us during these times, we are getting around streets as fast as possible.
I have a Public Works related emergency and the Department is closed, who can I call for help?
The Village has personnel standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist customers with water and sewer emergencies. For any public works related emergency, call the Public Works Department at (815)725-2150 ext. 202 during normal business hours and at 725-4636 after 4:30 pm and on weekends
Who do I call to report a street light out?
If you notice a street light out, please call the Public Works Department at 815-553-2321 to report its location with the address. If the pole or fixture has been damaged by an accident that has left wires exposed, there is a danger of electrocution please call 911 to report the damage.
When will my parkway trees be trimmed?
Parkway trees are trimmed during the winter months between December and March. If there is a hazard call Public Works at 815-725-2150 ext. 202 to have the area inspected and scheduled for tree trimming.
Who do I contact to report a pothole?
Please complete a service request by calling (815)725-2150 ext. 202 and a work order will be initiated.
Who is responsible for repairing/replacing my sidewalk?
Please complete a service request by calling (815) 553-2321 and a work order will be initiated to have the area inspected and determine if the area is deemed a safety hazard. The Village is responsible for repairing/replacing damaged sidewalks deemed a safety hazard. However, the Village will only repair those sidewalks that are deemed a safety hazard by the Public Works Department. The Village will not repair sidewalks for cosmetic purposes.
When is my garbage/recycling picked up?
Garbage and Recycling are picked up every Tuesday . Please have all of your refuse, recycling and yard waste (April 1 through November 30) materials out for collection by 6:00 AM on that date.
Can I sweep my leaves into the gutter for leaf pick up?
No. Sweeping leaves into the gutter could cause sewer inlets to get plugged up. Leaves must be raked to the edge of the street or curb for pick up.
How often is my street swept?
The streets are swept once per month during the summer, spring, and fall months.
What do the different colors of spray paint or flags on streets and sidewalks mean?
The different colored flags or spray paint on the street/grass signify the location of underground water, sewer, gas, phone and electrical lines. The different colors and the corresponding facility are as follows: Blue-Water, Orange-Phone, Green-Sewer, Red-Electric, Yellow-Gas. White spray paint signifies the area in which digging or excavation is to be performed.
When does the Villages leaf pick-up start and how is it handled?
Leaf pick-up begins in September or October dependent upon when the leaves begin to fall from the trees. A total of four leaf crews operate at the same time in the Village during leaf pick-up: Two crews work on the North side of Route 52 while the other two crews work on the South side of Route 52. The leaf crews begin on the East side of the Village and work their way West towards the Villages border.
Will the Village remove a dead animal on my property?
The public works department will remove dead animals from Village streets or parkways. If the dead animal is located on private property,  you will need to contact a private firm for removal of the dead animal. 
How can I locate underground cables/utilities?
The Village of Shorewood is a member of J.U.L.I.E., the utility location system that provides contractors, excavators and homeowners with a free service. To locate utilities, call the toll-free phone number (1-800-892-0123).Homeowners and excavators planning to dig or alter the surface of the ground, must call and use this free service. J.U.L.I.E. telephone operators are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. According to State Statutes, the person who is actually doing the digging (excavators/contractors) is responsible for notifying J.U.L.I.E., not the homeowner for whom the work is being done.
Who should I contact if my sewer line is backing up into my house?
Contact the Water and Sewer Department at (815) 207-4631 during normal business hours or call 815-725-4636 after hours
How can I tell if I have a sewer line blockage?
Most problems with sluggish drain areas are caused by problems with the homeowners sewer line. Unless there is reason to suspect otherwise, we recommend that you contact a plumber or drain cleaner to restore sluggish or blocked drains. If the blockage is in the Village maintained portion of the sewer line call the Water Department at (815)207-4631 and we will investigate.
Who should I call if I notice a water main leak?
If you notice a water leak, contact the Water Department at (815)207-4631 between the hours of 8am to 4:30pm. After normal business hours, call (815)725-4636 to inform emergency water and sewer personnel.
Who should I call to have the B-box (shut off valve) repaired
Contact the Water and Sewer Department at (815) 207-4631 during normal business hours
Who do I call if I need my water service temporarily shut off?
If you need your water service temporarily shut off, contact the Water Department at (815 )207-4631 during normal business hours. If after business hours call (815)725-4636.
What are the outdoor water use restrictions?
Property owners can water on odd or even days based upon your address and will only be allowed to water between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on those days. New homeowners who have recently seeded or sodded their lawn may apply for a watering permit. A watering permit will only be issued before June 15th and after Sep 15th. Violators will be issued fines.
I hear water running and there is a vibration of the pipes. Who should I contact?
Please contact the Water department at (815) 207-4631. Please leave your name, address and phone number This could possibly be a leak in the water system outside of your house.

Community Development

What schools serve Shorewood?
The schools for Shorewood residents is listed on the village's website under community links.
Do I need a permit for my home improvement project?
Building permits are required for home improvements including room additions,basement remodeling, interior alterations that include plumbing work, electrical work, or new walls and accessory structures such as fences, pools, gazebos, decks and back-up generators.  When in doubt please ask to whether your project needs a permit, Contact the Building Division at 815-553-2310.
Are fire inspections and plan reviews conducted by the village?
No.  For all fire inspections and plan reviews, please contact the Troy Fire Protection District at 815-773-2961.


How can I make a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act?
Requests must be in writing and should be sent to the attention of the Village Clerk at Shorewood Village Hall, One Towne Center Blvd., Shorewood, IL, 60404. Please note that there is a different FOIA form for the Police department. Forms are online at www.vil.shorewood.il.us on the Forms and Applications page
How do I get an item placed on the Village Board agenda?
Contact the Village Administrator's office at 815-725-2150 ext. 202.
I just moved in to Shorewood, what do I need to do to get water/sewer/refuse service?
New residents should call the Village Hall Finance Department at (815)207-4631 to arrange for water, sewer, and refuse service to be placed in their name. Application forms are also available online at Here
How do I apply for a job
The listing of current job openings and an employment application can be found on our website at http://www.vil.shorewood.il.us/government/employment.aspx
Where can I find the employment application
The listing of current job openings and an employment application can be found on our website at http://www.vil.shorewood.il.us/government/employment.aspx


Does Shorewood have a real estate transfer tax.?
Does the Village require a vehicle sticker?
How can I pay my water/sewer bill?
Check or Cash Payments are accepted at the Village Hall M-F 8:00-4:30.
Place in the Drive-up drop box at the rear of the Village Hall, One Towne Center Blvd., Shorewood IL 60404

Via Direct Debit - The required authorization agreement may be obtained at the Village Hall or online at http://www.vil.shorewood.il.us/UtilityBill_DirectPaymentProgram.pdf.

Credit card payments can be made on online at http://www.vil.shorewood.il.us/residents/utilities.aspx.
What is the Village's property tax rate?
For the current Village's property tax rate go to our website at  http://www.vil.shorewood.il.us/departments/finance/tax_information.aspx.
Who should I call with questions about my water bill?
All questions regarding your water bill should be directed to the Utility Billing Clerk in the Finance Department at (815) 207-4631
How do I find information regarding my Real Estate Tax Bill
Contact Troy Township Assessor’s Office at 815-744-5803 or access their website at http://www.troytownship.com/assessor.aspx . 
What are the Water/Sewer Rates in Shorewood
The current Water/Sewer rates for Village of Shorewood are on our website at http://www.vil.shorewood.il.us/departments/finance/utility-building.aspx   


Can I rent a Pavilion/Park for a picnic or other function?
We have multiple parks with pavilions available for rent for events and parties. They can accommodate large and small groups and are available on a first come/first served basis. Applications and a full listing of fees and rules are available on the Parks & Recreation section of this website.
Do you offer classes through the Parks & Recreation Department?
Yes, we do! Classes for young children, youth, adults and seniors are offered all year round at multiple locations throught Shorewood. A full listing of offerings are delivered 3 times per year on a seasonal basis to every hoursehold and business in the VIllage. Additionally, a copy of the current Program Guide is available online in the Parks and Recreation sectino of the website.
How do I sign up for classes?
You can either stop in at the Village Hall, or mail in your registration form and payment.
Are there any organized team sports to sign my children up to participate in?
Operating in tandem with the Village, The Shorewood Soccer League and the Minooka Baseball/Softball League use Four Seasons Park as their "Home Base". You can find information about how to sign up with them in our Program Guide and Online.
Does Shorewood have any special events or festivals?
We have a whole calendar full of them! Whether it is a one day event like our Family Field Days, Amazing Bike Race, Oktoberfest or Autumn Fest with Hay Rides and a Costume Party or multiple day events like Crossroads Fest or our Summer Series that bring a Free concert or movie in the park every Thursday, you can find them all listed in the current season's Program Guide, on our Facebook Page or in the "Upcoming Events" section of the Village Website.
Is there a public pool in Shorewood?
The Village does not have a public pool. However, we have two Splash Pads . One is at Town Center Park and one is at West Shore Park. Each facility has a shade pavilion and rinse off shower facilities. They are planned to be open from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Extended operation may exist if weather permits.
Can we fish in the lakes/ponds in the Shorewood parks?
Yes, you can. Town Center Park and West Shore Park have designated fishing piers to make fishing even easier. The Lakes in Town Center Park and Four Seasons Park have been stocked and have been known to produce some really big fish! However, all fishing in the parks are at your own risk. NO ICE FISHING IS ALLOWED. We highly recommend wearing certified life vests and you must supervise children at all times. If you want to introduce your family to the sport, please join us on our Fishing Derby Day ( see current events calendar for dates and time) when we encourage safe fishing practices for the whole family. A segment of the day is set aside for those families in Shorewood with special needs. Please call us to register for your spot.
Can I volunteer or do Community Service hours for the parks?
We would be very grateful to have your assistance! We have opportunities to help with crafts and classes, gardening and parks beautification projects and Special Events that could use your time and talents! Please contact us at 815-741-7710 to begin the process of application.
Are there age restrictions for any of your classes?
If a class has an age requirement, it will be listed with the individual class information in the Program Guide. No exceptions will be made.
If I don't live in Shorewood, can I still attend a class or reserve a park?
Yes, you can although some events, classes or rentals may designate a non-resident fee. Where applicable, those fees as shown with a "NR" in the Program Guide.
How do I sign up to go on your Senior Trips?
Trips are treated exactly as if they were classes offered by the Village. You can sign up using our regular registration form either in person, by mail or online.
If a class is cancelled, how will you notify me?
Unfortunately, sometimes classes may be cancelled due to the minimum required participants not being met, weather concerns for outdoor classes/events or an instructor emergency. When you register for your class, you provide us with your phone number and your email address. We will always attempt to reach you by both avenues to make sure that you are aware of your class status.