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Building Applications

Please refer to the information and guidelines on each application/handout. The information provided is intended to assist the applicant, save time and improve efficiency for all parties.

Permit Application and Contractor Registration Email: permits@shorewoodil.gov


Cell Tower & Equipment
New installations or modifications to existing Cell Towers/equipment

Commercial Occupancy, Remodeling or Tenant Build-out
Occupancy prior to occupying space (no work) OR Remodeling (existing business in space) OR NEW Tenant Build-out

Application, Business License Application
Commercial New Construction
New construction of a Commercial Building.

Contractor's Registration Application
All Contractors working within the Village must be registered.

Deck, Covered Porch, Pergola, Gazebo
Residential Decks, covered (open) Porches, Pergolas and Gazebos.

Application, Deck Construction Guide, Simpson Strong Tie Deck Guide
Demolition Application
Demolition of (entire) Residential, Commercial, Industrial building(s).

Detached Garage Application
Residential Detached Garages.

Fence Application
Residential Fencing including replacement of existing fencing (post or panel replacements exceeding 12 ft.).

Lawn Sprinkler Application

New Irrigation system installations.

Application, BSI Welcome Packet, Inactive Irrigation Form

Mobile Home Construction Application
New Mobile Home or Mobile Home alterations/remodeling.

Refuse Contractor's Registration
Refuse/Disposal Contractor’s Only.

Residential New Construction
Request for Release of Bond Form
Request release of bonds posted for incomplete exterior work on new construction due to weather conditions.

Residential Remodeling Application
Residential Remodeling, Alterations, MISC work* (Interior and Exterior)

Application, Cold Weather Concrete Requirements

*MISC work, including but not limited to:
  • Additions and Interior Remodeling (excluding countertops, cabinets, flooring, fixtures)
  • Accessory Structures (other than deck, fence, shed, pool)
  • Driveways (any material), Driveway Ribbons (any material)
  • Flag Poles, Permanent Basketball Hoops
  • Grading
  • Hot tubs/Saunas/Spas
  • HVAC, Generators, Water Heaters
  • Patios (any material), Stoops, Slabs and Fire Pits
  • Retaining and Landscaping walls over 24", Columns/Pillars, Seatwalls, Grill Enclosures
  • Roofing, Siding, Windows, Exterior Doors
  • Service or Public Walks (any material)
  • Sewer/Water Repair
  • Underground Gas / Underground Electrical lines
Shed Application & Guidelines
Residential Storage Sheds, Pre-manufactured or stick-built.

Sign Permit Application - Permanent
Building mounted, awning, directional, and monument style permanent signs.

Sign Permit Application - Temporary
Temporary signs, banners, flags, and grand opening balloons.

Swimming Pool Application & Guidelines
Above & In-Ground residential swimming pools. US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Safety Barrier Guidelines.

Application, Safety Barrier Guidelines
Temporary or Seasonal Structure Permit Application